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Off the Beaten Path Spots to Enjoy NatureĀ 

There is no shortage of remote places to enjoy nature in Pure Ludington. While practicing social distancing, it will be valuable to take in some fresh air and exercise to maintain good physical and mental health as we continue through the COVID-19 crisis.

Check out some of our favorite off-the-beaten-path locations:

lighthouse pathway.jpg

Path to the Big Sable Lighthouse

While the lighthouse itself isn’t yet open for the season, the hike to this historic landmark is a pleasurable journey. To get there, take M-116 to the Ludington State Park and park in the lot north of the entrance booth. Hike to the Pines Campground and follow the lighthouse symbols painted on the road until you come to the gravel road between campsites 58 and 59. Follow this road 1.5 miles to the lighthouse. You will find this is a fantastic place for Instagram photos. Plus, getting into the park is currently free!

Buttersville Beach

There is still plenty of beach at Buttersville Park, and it’s a favorite place to take your dog. Enjoy the scenery, the quiet landscape and spring breezes. If you head up the staircase on site, you will find a pathway through the woods which is a great place to find solitude and wildlife.

IMG_1287.jpg.    IMG_1297.jpg

Ludington School Forest

With easy access from town, the Ludington School Forest has a number of walking and bicycle trails to explore. Outdoor enthusiasts and beginners alike will enjoy these five miles of pathways through the wooded area. There is also an adjacent disc golf area.

IMG_1139 (1).JPG.    IMG_1263.jpg

LSP Island Trail

The Ludington State Park is comprised of a diverse set of trail loops that wind through woods and over dunes and diverse ecosystems in the park. There are 24 miles of trails to explore and some of them are paved, yet we are partial to the .75-mile Island Trail which follows the beautiful Hamlin Lake shoreline. All of the trails are interconnected, and heading out for a hike is a splendid way to get a fresh perspective.


Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness

These 3,450 acres of National Forest wilderness are popular for hiking, camping, hunting, nature study and wildlife viewing. There are approximately 10 miles of trails that can be accessed from two developed trailheads at the end of Nurnberg Road and Lake Michigan Recreation Area. Dunes, ponds and marshes - as well as the vast Lake Michigan - can be viewed in this natural area.

Which is your favorite? Share your photos and ideas with us using #PureLudington.

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