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A Guide to Navigating Fall Colors in the Ludington Area

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Planning a trip to check out Michigan’s spectacular fall colors? Look no further than Pure Ludington for an enchanting view of orange, red and yellow hues decorating the Lake Michigan landscape.

Peak colors are predicted for mid-October, when you will want to explore Ludington’s unspoiled natural resources and unrivaled outdoor recreation. Fall is a great time to explore it all. Whether driving, hiking, biking or paddling, we have opportunities for you to take a front-row seat to the changing scenery and vibrant fall colors.

Here are some of our favorite places and ways to catch fall colors in Pure Ludington:



This driving route through Ludington is one that cannot be beat. It starts downtown and takes visitors along the beautiful sands of the Ludington State Park, along country roads dotted with u-pick orchards and farms, past the scenic overlook on South Lakeshore Road and through plenty of colorful tree tunnels. 

Hiking & Biking

Ludington has long been a destination for cyclists and hikers who enjoy exploring the outdoors. The area boasts picturesque, shoreline routes with sand dune panoramas, scenic wooded trails and miles of idyllic, rural country roads. 

Biking is a favorite way to discover the many treasures of the Ludington State Park. There are paved paths and roads running throughout the park and along the Sable River, between the Lake Michigan Beach area and the Hamlin Dam and beach area. For those who are up for an adventure, there is also a 1.5-mile gravel road that will lead you to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

Another popular spot to walk or bike is the urban trail system at Cartier Park, located just a mile north of downtown Ludington. The trail system includes a one-mile paved loop and about 3.5 miles of single-track, mountain bike paths. Visitors enjoying Cartier Park are treated to serene, wooded surroundings and views of the adjacent, tranquil Lincoln Lake.



Pere Marquette River is one of our favorite spots for paddling adventures anytime of the year, but sights during the fall season are exceptional. The reflection of fall colors dances on the top of the water. There are several spots along the river to drop in, and they are easily accessible to visitors via the Pure Ludington mobile app. A popular span of the river stretches from Custer and Scottville, which takes about three hours to paddle. If you do not have your own gear, there are plenty of outfitters who can get you everything you need to get on the water. 

Other popular spots to paddle and take in the fall colors are Hamlin Lake, which is accessible from Ludington State Park, and Lincoln Lake, accessible from M-116 on your way to the State Park.

 Be sure to share your fall color adventures with us on Instagram using the hashtag #PureLudington.

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