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5 Things to Enjoy on your S.S. Badger Ferry Ride Across Lake Michigan

The SS Badger has made its Maiden Voyage for the 2018 season, and it marks the ship's 65th Anniversary! This year many new additions make for an even more exciting and enjoyable ride for passengers aboard the last coal-fired, steam-powered ship operating in the United States. Whether you have traveled aboard since you were a child, or have never been, here are five things you will enjoy while traveling across Lake Michigan on your next trip. 

1. Badger Bingo 

A tradition while traveling aboard the ship is Badger Bingo. Take a seat in the main lounge and get ready to mark your cards for a BINGO! Winners get their choice of Badger gifts like playing cards, mugs and more. No true experience on the SS Badger is complete without a game of Badger Bingo. 

Happy Hour (2) (1).jpgIMG_1392.JPG

2. Bloody Marys, Craft Beer & Cocktails 

Captain Conrad has a new favorite drink now being served on the ship: bloody Marys! Passengers have long been able to enjoy a cocktail or brew from the bar, but the addition of a bloody Mary bar in the Cabana Room last season has been a welcomed addition to the choices. Is there anything better than an adult beverage to set the relaxed mood for your big-ship cruise across Lake Michigan?

IMG_20150923_1458099056.jpgLittle Girl 1.jpg

3. Entertainment for All Ages

Gone are the arcade games of yesteryear. They have been replaced by five console, high-definition gaming stations, featuring a wide variety of game titles. Kids will also enjoy the Captain Conrad scavenger hunt and other activities. While the kids are having fun, you can take in a movie or listen to the live entertainment aboard. 

Pirates Of The Caribbean Shoreline Cruise 2 - S.S. Badger.jpg

4. Shoreline Cruises 

No reason to make the journey across the big lake, but still want to experience the SS Badger? Then the ship's shoreline cruises are perfect for you! Passengers aboard a shoreline cruise will enjoy a fun, themed celebration while taking in the sites and sounds of the Ludington and Manitowoc shorelines. This year's schedule of shoreline cruises includes the Vintage Badger 1953 Anniversary cruise in celebration of 65 years on Lake Michigan, Pirates of the Carribean Badger Cruise, and many more!


5. Breathtaking Views and a Relaxing Atmosphere 

There is no greater vantage point of the shorelines of Michigan and Wisconsin than coming into port aboard the SS Badger. And while it is technincally a lake, Lake Michigan feels much more spacious like the ocean. The ship's bow offers lounge chairs made for relaxation, and the sounds of the waves make for the greatest soundtrack to enjoy a book, a cocktail, or even an nap. However you choose to enjoy your ride, the sights and sounds are sure to make a lasting impression. 

The Badger experience allows a rare opportunity to explore a little history – and a lot of fun by taking a step back into the past on a journey that’s as important as the destination. Come aboard and explore it all! Learn more or book your trip on the S.S. Badger by clicking HERE. Don't forget that you can save some money on your hotel stay by showing your S.S. Badger ticket at select hotels. Learn more HERE.

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